Only drinking REAL hot chocolate

Every few months or so, I try to re-jig my diet and cut out at least one of the ‘bad’ things that has inevitably crept into my life. Examples of the type of bad things that I’m talking about;

1. The month that I became addicted to Tesco Value cereal bars
2. The whole week that I drank nothing but Ocean Spray Cranberry and Raspberry juice
3. The year that I drank a whole can of full fat coke every single day (this was, it goes without saying, in my pre-modeling days).
My most recent bad habit has been Hot Chocolate. And I’m not talking about a mug of milk with cocoa in it, I’m talking Costa’s tall glass of sugary nectar topped with whipped cream and four marshmallows. At around seventeen thousand calories per serving, it’s something that I have had to ration myself on, forgoing all solids for at least three days before the hot chocolate event, and fasting for the twenty-four hours afterwards.
Today I decided to try and cut out the habit altogether. I was spurred into action on this front when I spotted a sachet of ‘Skinny Cow’ hot chocolate in Sainsbury’s. Only 37 calories per serving! I couldn’t believe my luck – I could give up my Costa fix and resume a normal diet, and not only that, I could still drink my hot chocolate, it would just be a ‘Skinny Cow’ hot chocolate!
Well. Words simply cannot express quite how foul the Skinny Cow experience was. Think ‘hot water flavoured with a chocolate stock-cube’ and you’re along the right lines. Think ‘dregs of a real hot chocolate, diluted with some washing-up water’ and you’re almost there.
Good for the waistline, but not for the morale – consider yourselves warned!

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