OPI Texas: Spring Summer 2011 Preview

Last week I popped to Texas Embassy for the launch of OPI’s SS2011 nail polish collection. Please note that it was Texas Embassy the bar/restaurant, not The Texan Embassy. Texas wouldn’t have an embassy, obviously, it being a state and not a country, but I just wanted to clarify that for y’all. (I’m going to say “y’all” quite a few times, so get used to it. It’s a Texan thang.)

Now y’all know me – I’m not particularly fussed about nail polishes. I like my fingers to look neat and groomed, and I like (every now and again) to get them a bit glammed up and posh. I also like a bit of flashy colour on my toenails. Beyond that, I couldn’t really give a monkey’s; but I know that many of yall out there do, and because I love y’all so dearly, I feel it’s my responsibility to keep y’all updated with…nail news.

So! OPI – newsflash, there’s a new collection, it’s called Texas, it’s out in February 2011. Which means that diehard nail polish fans now have to sit for over three months waiting for – longing for – these polishes to become available. Hey-ho – y’all live! I’ve never really reviewed a nail ‘collection’ before, so here goes: there are twelve shades, all with weird names. I say names; what I mean is phrases. Statements. Sentences. Take this one, for example – it describes an orange polish (my favourite, incidentally): “Y’all Come Back Ya Hear?” Dear OPI: that’s not a name, that’s a command, and it’s bloody hard to say convincingly for a Brit like me.

Other gems include “Guy Meets Gal-veston”, “I Vant To Be A-Lone Star” and “It’s Totally Fort Worth It”. But enough about silly names, let’s talk about colours. My top three favourites are: San Tan-tonio, a gorgeous tan colour (will look great with a tan!); Y’all Come Back Ya Hear, a vibrant, juicy orange, and Guy Meets Gal-Veston which is a bright coral shade. Safe, familiar shades, I know – but y’all know that’s how I like my polishes to be. There are some wackier colours, including a shimmery pale lavender and a fierce turquoise and there’s also a dark chocolate called Suzi Loves Cowboys that is very sexy and vampish.

Enough info? I sure hope so, partner, ‘cos that’s all, y’all. I’ve made a little video, below, just in case you want to see me hold up some nail polish bottles and chat a bit.

OPI Texas Collection polishes will retail at £9.95 each on www.lenawhite.co.uk from February 2011.

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