Orange Flower Mattifying Moisturiser

One of my favourite moisturisers in the past few months has been the Aromatherapy Associates Orange Flower Mattifying Moisturiser. It feels so rich and nourishing upon application that you’d never believe that it could mattify anything – it doesn’t feel greasy, as such, it’s just that it doesn’t feel ‘gel-like’ or light, which seems to be the favoured texture for ‘oily balancing’ moisturisers.

A pleasant surprise, then, to find that this cream leaves no residue whatsoever and is amazing to use underneath makeup! Oat extract balances out excess oil, neroli helps to clarify the complexion but also lends its incredible orange blossom fragrance. This really does feel as though it’s treating and nourishing the skin as it keeps it matte – and continues to work hard throughout the day. In my ‘oilier moments’ I tend to avoid using this cream on my T-Zone, but obviously that’s something that you’d have to experiment with on your own – if you suffer from terribly oily skin, severe breakouts and/or acne then (as usual) seek specific help for your skin-type.

I adore Aromatherapy Associates products, they’re just such a sensory experience – a face cream isn’t just a face cream; the scent works away at you to uplift, or relax or rejuvenate. The Orange Flower Mattifying Moisturiser is a gorgeous way to start the day – a little reminder of those long-gone summer months!

Orange Flower Mattifying Moisturiser is £40 from Aromatherapy Associates.

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