Organic Surge £10 Cashback Offer

You’ve entered the Great Big Organic Surge Competition, you’ve read the Daily Care face wash review, and now it’s time for the final installment in my crazy Organic Surge surge! From now until the 25th November, customers will receive £10 cash back when they purchase three Organic Surge items at any Boots store!

Let’s just work out how good an offer that really is shall we? I’ll use some of my personal Organic Surge favourites to demonstrate: I’ll start off by popping the Organic Surge Gentle Cleansing Lotion, £4.99, into my basket. (Probably alongside five boxes of Alka Seltzer, some kind of Herbal remedy for strengthening my liver and a load of hair stuff that I don’t need!) I’ll drop in a bottle of the Daily Care face wash – £4.99, and then I’ll probably go for the Super Intensive Moisturiser (£7.99) to see my skin through winter, although it’s a close call between that and the Overnight Sensation! So, with my £10 cash back, what will I have spent? £7.99. Bargainous!

There’s really no catch to this offer; just buy three products (KEEP THE RECEIPT!) and then download the claims form from Fill in the form and send it off with your receipt before 31st December 2010. Remember, you need to have purchased your items between the 16th and the 25th November 2010 to take advantage of the offer. You can only use the offer once per household I think, but all the terms and McGubbins are on the website. You can collect some Boots Advantage points as well!

This is a great offer from Organic Surge and a really good way to be introduced to their products – potentially you could buy three full-sized products and spend less than £5! I would seriously recommend having a go with at least one of the face creams, though – especially with the cold weather moving in.

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