Orla Kiely Heattech Thermals for Uniqlo!

orla kiely fashion thermal heattech for uniqlo

I don’t know whether or not I’m actually allowed to call Uniqlo’s Heattech range “thermals” – they work in a different way to traditional thermal undies. But you know what I mean – underwear that keeps you toasty, toasty warm. The Heattech fabric works differently to “thermals” and allows it to be really thin and lightweight, which makes the vests and long-sleeved tees really very handy.

The latest styles to arrive into the Heattech range are by Orla Kiely – many of you probably guessed the designer as soon as you saw my top in the photograph. Mr AMR thinks that I look like a moving sheet of wallpaper but I quite like having a perky design peeping out from beneath my jumper. And also, I couldn’t really care less if I do look like the bedroom wall from a seventies house: I’m warm and I’m cheery. So there! Put that in your pipe!

There are quite a few different O.Kiely designs and I think that they liven up the underwear drawer no end. Of course it’s always handy to have a black version or a plain white, but at least you can find the patterned ones easily when you’re bleary-eyed and irritable in the morning. I’m hoping that they might do Liberty print ones next….

Heattech long-sleeved O.Kiely tees are £12.90 from Uniqlo.com – shorter sleeved tee-shirts and vests are £9.90

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