Packaging Perv: Tara Smith Hair Tool Kits

Whilst browsing M&S for some cotton pants (as you do) I stumbled across these beautiful hair kits from Tara Smith. Tara Smith makes vegan, cruelty free haircare and has relaunched the range this year into Marks & Spencers with the most amazing packaging! I remember when they used to sell Tara Smith in Tesco, many moons ago, and the packaging was OK but nothing particularly special. Now I know that we’re supposed to disregard packaging and, additionally, get cross about having to pay extra for gorgeous packaging, but I really do shop with my eyes much of the time. I’ve mentioned it before: I’m a total packaging pervert!

These kits don’t work out to be exceptionally good value for money, actually: 100ml versions of the shampoo and conditioner come in at £5 each and the 50ml serum, £14, so costing for a kit with 50ml shampoo, 50ml conditioner and 20ml serum should be somewhere in the region of a tenner. The kits cost £12.50 each. If you’re gifting haircare, then it’s a great option – and probably worth a little extra – to have such a lovely box, but if you’re buying for yourself then the designs on the larger shampoo and conditioner bottles are equally delicious.

I’ve tried the “Shine On” range and also the “Feed the Root” – both gentle haircare ranges for everyday use. Dry hair might need a little more oomph from a conditioner, but you can get good results from applying to hair that has had all excess water towelled off and then leaving on for a few minutes as you soak in the bath.

 You can find all of the Tara Smith range online at Marks and Spencer or, if you’re lucky enough to have an M&S nearby with a beauty department, in there!

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