Packing for Palm Springs: Hush “Haul”

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Oh good heavens above. Hush Homewear* might just about be the death of me, financially. They have sent through two big boxes full of beautiful things for me to shoot when I get to Palm Springs and they are all utterly perfect. Chic and immensely flattering yet still comfortable. How on earth do they manage to do that? So many brands get it wrong – casual more often than not equals ill-fitting separates that go bobbly or shapeless within a few wears. I want slouchy jumpers that drape from the body without looking as though they’re simply too large; I want jersey that doesn’t cling in the wrong places. I want t-shirts that have enough room to fit breasts inside and dresses that don’t show my most private of parts. But that still look cool.

Hush manages all of this and my wardrobe is steadily filling up with bits and bobs that I rely on completely. The Sophia top that I bought last season (I wanted to get it in white in the sales, but my size sold out!) has featured in quite a large number of Daily Mix videos and I wear my “sloppy joe” sweatshirt to death! Don’t get me started on the Antique Floral pyjamas. Best pyjamas ever, without a doubt.

Anyway, onto the spring collection, which is full of yellows and corals and gorgeous, gorgeous neutrals. The sloppy joe dress in two-tone is a bit of a find – I’ll be wearing mine with tanned legs and white converse, I think. I’ll also be layering the fine cotton t-shirts with the chunky metallic knitwear that they’ve brought out – if you have a look at the pictures on the website, it looks brilliant!

hush homewear style revew

Star pick? Well, I haven’t had a chance to go wear everything yet – and the proof is always in the wearing – but the snakeskin print maxi dress is fantastic. Soft, light fabric that really does float around your body, but an elasticated bust section that keeps your top half in check. It doesn’t give as much support as a bra, not by any means, but it gives enough that you don’t have to wear a bra beneath if you’re just kicking around on a beach or popping out for lunch. (Hopefully not popping out…) I’ve featured it in a video coming out next week – one of my “Top-to-Toe” style and makeup videos – so you can have a good look then. You can see a still from the video above.

hush homewear style revew

I’ve pretty much got all of my outfits covered for the trip, now, thanks to this Hush “Haul” (not strictly a haul, as they’re shoot samples!) and I don’t think I’ll even bother taking many of my own clothes! It’ll be a good way of test-driving my favourites. Perks of the job, and all that. You can browse the whole spring-summer collection at Hush here: HUSH-UK.COM Warning: the model is just perfection personified and makes you want to have EVERYTHING.

*Hush are a sponsor for my trip to Palm Springs – I’m shooting lots of beauty and fashion out there with Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo, Electra Formosa (stylist presenter on the Disney Channel) and Mr AMR. Though you probably won’t get a glimpse of him as he’s threatened to wear full fancy dress so that I won’t get him on film! Git.

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