Pai Camellia and Rose Organic Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

Pai Camellia and Rose Organic Gentle Hydrating CleanserSay hello to my most-used cleanser of the recent month. After receiving a small sample of this (two free samples of Pai products can be obtained free for a delivery charge HERE) I loved it so much that I went in for the big gun! I love cleansers that I can slather over my entire face – eyes included – so that all my makeup is removed at the same time. I like to sit in the bath and leave a cleanser on as a mask for a while before pressing a very warm muslin cloth over my skin to help steam and dissolve dirt.

Pai’s hydrating cleanser is perfect for this – I have directly put it into my eyes (which I’m not recommending that you go and do, legal eagles!) and felt no stinging. I have used it on stressed-out skin, almost-breaking-out skin, hot skin, tired skin and early morning still-asleep skin; it has suited every occasion. Pai make products that are not only luxurious and as natural as is practically possible but take into account the many allergies that people can suffer from. Their ingredients lists are absolutely exhaustive – nothing is left out, down to the very last particle.

Pai have created their products with highly sensitised and reactive skin in mind, so you can be sure that they won’t be hiding anything under umbrella terms such as ‘Parfum’, which can include any number of nasty and potentially irritating chemicals.  I don’t have particularly reactive skin, but I love the soothing effect of this cleanser. When I read ‘hydrating’ I have to admit that I thought, ‘Uh-Oh. Oily!’ But in actual fact, the effects of the cleanser are that it softens as it removes dirt and it leaves skin comfortable rather than dry and tight. It also contains my favourite ingredient, rose, which elevates it from my ‘like’ list right up to my ‘adore’!

I use this cleanser with my Clarisonic (read HERE) and with a muslin cloth. You can buy cloths from Pai too – they are quite rustic and durable!

Pai Cleanser costs £25 for 100ml from Pai, HERE.

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