Pai Echium Eye Cream

Pai Eye Cream

My latest eye cream discovery; the Echium eye cream from Pai. Pai make organic skincare for very sensitive skin, and they were recommended to me by the very lovely people at Apostle Skincare. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin, but when I have been working (especially doing beauty shoots) I do get a little sore, especially around the eye area. The ingredients in the Echium eye cream are totally natural and nearly all certified organic. The full ingredients list is as follows:

Purified water, rose water*, apricot kernel oil*, argan oil*, thistle oil*, coconut and corn derived emulsifier, rosehip oil*, shea butter*, echium extract, natural vitamin e, vegetable glycerine*, corn extract, basil extract, rose geranium oil*, orange oil*, natural lactic acid (from sugar beet) (* Certified Organic).

Pretty impressive, I think. There are simply no nasty chemicals, and the chances of any of the included ingredients being an irritant to your skin are very low. The cream still manages to have a delicious smell and texture, and it sinks into the skin without too much effort at all. It’s not as satisfyingly ‘slippery’ as many eye creams, but that’s because it doesn’t contain the chemicals that have traditionally created that ‘slip’, and that’s actually an absolute blessing for anyone who finds that they react to a lot of the mainstream beauty brands.

I can’t wait to try out more products from Pai – they have a very small, but very carefully thought-out range, and it’s obvious that they really do care about providing solutions (luxurious, organic ones!) for sensitive and allergy-prone skin. The product ingredients are totally laid bare for all to see – no hidden chemicals disguised as ‘parfum’, and no alcohol. There are so many products that state they are suitable for ‘sensitive skin’ yet contain a plethora of unsuitable ingredients – they might be suitable for someone with sensitivity to certain ingredients, or who just has temperamental skin; but for someone who has life-changing allergies, it’s important to be able to trust the ingredients list.

Pai Echium Eye Cream is £24 from Pai Skincare

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