Pai Rosehip Sensitive Skin Duo

Pai Rosehip Sensitive Skin DuoI am now using a Pai product on an almost daily basis – whether it’s the cleanser, the Echium eye cream or the Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil. There are few brands that I adopt into my stable of ‘permanent’ products (the ones I fall back on when I’m not testing a million other things!) and that I trust to be neutral and unaggressive. If I have been working on a shoot, or making videos, or just feel as though my skin has been through the mill, I’m increasingly relying on Pai to sort me out!

They have just released a duo of sensitive skin products – the Chamomile and Rosehip Cream (which is apparently Natalie Portman’s skincare favourite) and the Rosehip Oil. The Rosehip Oil is brilliant. Very nourishing and rich with superb anti-ageing properties. If your skin is so sensitive that you usually can’t tolerate typical ‘anti-ageing’ skincare, this could well be your answer! I mentioned the oil on Keep Calm and Shop not long ago (Pai Rosehip Oil Beauty Solution) because it’s a brilliant way for over-sensitised skin to really soak up some moisture. Apply it neat or mix a few drops with the cream – you can pretty much customise your treatment to suit how your skin is feeling!

There’s a saving of £7 if you buy the two products together, so bear that in mind if you need to re-stock soon! You can buy the Duo at Pai Online for £35 or if you’re new to Pai, take a look at their samples section – you get four little jars of product for the cost of postage which is a perfect way to introduce yourself to the range.

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