Palm Springs Watch Out!

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I’m off to Palm Springs on Saturday to shoot fashion and beauty stories for TWO, which is Pixiwoo’s magazine. I’m there for a week with Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo, Electra Formosa who is a stylist and presenter on the Disney Channel and also Mr AMR, his assistant and a videographer. It’s going to be hard work but a lot of fun and there will be some great videos and photos to show for it. One hopes! I just thought that I would quickly update you as I meant to do so ages ago (I booked the tickets in January) but time just slipped away. Talking of time slipping away, it’s going to be April when I get back and I haven’t done ANYTHING on my 2013 tick-list! I haven’t even started my dissertation that has to be handed in at the start of September, and I also have to write 15,000 words of a novel. Or is it 25,000? Kind of irrelevant when you’ve only written your candidate number in the top left-hand corner…


Posts are all scheduled so should run as normal unless some kind of catastrophe strikes – one nearly did this week with some kind of bug, but I smoothly bypassed the problem by emailing Sucuri in New York and begging them to help me. (I literally wrote “I will love you forever and ever” in my email and wasn’t even embarrassed. Desperate times.) They’re a good sort at Sucuri – I highly recommend them for keeping your website free from Malware. You can find them here.

I’ll be tweeting and Instagramming and all sorts from Palm Springs, so make sure you’re following! Twitter is here and here is Instagram – click and follow, let me bombard you with pictures of cats.

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