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It’s Alice Cooper! No it’s not, it’s just good old Ruth, testing out new beauty products and gamely taking photographs of herself looking like an utter tool. Latest product to impress this silly old bean: the Filorga Eye-Recover patches, aka the “Panda Patches”. I really, really, really like eye patches – they are one of the few beauty treatments that have an instant, visible effect whilst being hassle-free and straightforward to use. I usually stick them on when I’m working at the computer and then promptly forget I’m wearing them and do things like answer the door to the postlady and go to the shops to buy bread…

Filorga’s new Eye-Recover patches are excellent – joyously slippery and wet like big wobbly tadpoles, they stick well to the skin and instantly cool and tighten the eye area. I found them very soothing and after fifteen minutes (I’m sure you don’t leave them on for that long but I forgot to take them off) my eyes were refreshed and awake, as though I’d put eyedrops in. Weird, because nothing actually goes in your eyes, just around them…

Filorga Eye-Recover Patches Review

The patches do have a smoothing effect, perhaps because they are so hydrating. I was very tired when I tested them and my skin was a bit crepey and baggy – it was taut and a little plumper when I removed the patches. Très bien. The patches are also supposed to target eye bags and dark circles but I’ll have to test them again on that front – perhaps first thing in the morning. I can’t do this yet, though, as I don’t have any in my possession. The ones I tried were early samples – I did try to steal the whole tub but I think I looked too conspicuous with my huge black facial adornments! What fun.

The Eye-Recover patches should launch in September – I’ll keep you updated. They’ll be £45 for 30 patches, so £3 per patch “session” – not too bad for a mini eye-facial, and great for frequent flyers or people who like to burn the candle at both ends. You can find Filorga products exclusively at Marks and Spencer

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