Perhaps I’m Not Your Average Model?

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I made this video to mark an interesting occasion: 100,000 subscribers on Youtube. I say “interesting” because I honestly didn’t set out to make Youtube videos – A Model Recommends, for me, was mostly about the writing. I made little product review videos to embed into this site as a way of showing products in action, really, and I suppose to give you a little bit of multimedia to keep things colourful. I didn’t expect to gather such a crowd over there in the world of Youtube, so in a way it’s quite bizarre! Anyway, thanks to those who do watch the videos and who leave nice comments, it’s great!

If you hate videos and can’t stand Youtube then this isn’t a particularly engaging post for you and I’m sorry about that, but if you do like the odd video then give this one a watch. It’s just a bit about myself and my career – a structured ramble. I’m going to make a more in-depth video about how I started modelling because so many people ask me to, but for now I’ve just skimmed over the basic facts. I’ll be making a second part to this video so that I can answer all of the questions that are raised in the comments – if you have a burning query then please do leave a comment yourself underneath the video. (Or on this post if you can’t be bothered to click through!)

A word about the title – Perhaps I’m Not Your Average Model? It’s in no way meant to suggest that I consider myself above-average or below-average or anything like that – it’s a humorous nod at the model “stereotype” that some people buy into. Models aren’t all five-feet-ten and ridiculously skinny – I’m not going to lie and say that they “come in all shapes and sizes” because fashion models really don’t. They’re all pretty tall and pretty trim. But they don’t all look the same, they’re not perfect and they’re usually not stupid. (Eighteen year-olds with four languages (fluent) and the ability to ship themselves around the world  (alone) practically self-managing? Not my idea of stupid. There are some absolute spanners, of course there must be, but you get clueless people in all walks of life.)

Hope you enjoy this video – if you’re on email you’ll have to click this link to watch it (keeps your emails fast, it’s better that way!)

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