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I’ve been trying to ignore all of the fuss around “millennial pink” (the dusty, opposite-of-Barbie pink that’s quickly established itself in the world of fashion and beauty and interiors as the shade du jour) but I have to admit that it is very easy on the eye. This is the colour that I would have painted my room, aged twelve, had I not spotted the shade Pink Panther Pink and been wooed by the name. Good grief, it was lurid. In fact I think that Pink Panther Pink was skirting boards, windowsill and picture rails, the walls were a softer Country Pink. A pink symphony. Or pink nightmare, perhaps.

I’ve been trying to avoid pink for most of my adult life, but I’m afraid to say that it’s winning me over. And not even in an ironic way – it’s not as though I want to “toughen it up” with black biker boots and a leather jacket, or “keep it edgy” by wearing it with a monochrome-striped boiler suit. I just like to look at it: unadulterated, peachy-warm, non-blue-toned pink.

And on that note, some of my current beauty favourites. Pink ones.

The Slip pure silk pillowcase (bottom right of photograph) is something of an anomaly, because I haven’t thoroughly tested it yet, but I am going to crack it out this week and report back. I’ve heard great things about Slip: apparently they use the highest-grade silk and so the pillows are supposed to be great for reducing frizzy bed-head as well as preventing pillow creases from forming on your face overnight. What I particularly like is the fact that they make the cases in different colours (including millennial pink!) – I’ve always been slightly put off by the standard white, satiny pillow cases because they never seem quite as white as cotton bedlinen. You can find the Slip range at Net-a-Porter here* – it’s expensive, but I love the way they’ve styled it and I think that the silk eye masks would make brilliant presents.

l'oreal fine flowers cleansing cream review

From the pricey to the pleasingly affordable; Fine Flowers Cleansing Cream from L’Oreal. I’ve been working my way through this big pot and it’s a great alternative to a cleansing balm if you prefer a cool and comfortable cream texture rather than an oily one. It’s a very robust cream, so it gives you plenty of massage time, even when you add a little water. I find that it has to be removed with a washcloth and warm water – it doesn’t just splash off – and so this, for me, is a proper end-of-the-day cleanse. Fine Flowers Cleansing Cream is £5.33 at Boots here**.

bosom buddy bust cream

I’m almost finished with my first tube of Bosom Buddy from Love Boo. I started using it at the end of my pregnancy with Ted to try and avoid getting stretch marks on my bust but post-partum, I used it because I liked the idea of using a dedicated cream for that area. It’s funny – because a baby only makes contact with a very small part of your bust! – but I find that I can’t bring myself to use a standard body lotion on my boobs when I’m breastfeeding. I suppose I’m hoping that a dedicated cream will have been formulated to be safer, ingredients-wise, but who knows. At any rate, I like Bosom Buddy – though I’m not sure that I’ve seen any lifting effects (chance would be a fine thing!) the skin on my bust feels soft and smooth and I like that this doesn’t have a strong scent or a greasy finish. It’s £18.99 at LookFantastic here*, if you’re looking for a boob treat. I can also highly recommend the Weleda Nursing Oil, which is a brilliant £7.95 (here*) – very nourishing and softening, but it didn’t have a pink bottle, so. Welcome to my fickle, pink-themed world.

tan luxe sun activating drops

I’ve tested both of these tan-boosting serums quite extensively, now; Tan-Luxe’s Tan Booster and Anne Semonin’s Phytarosa Serum. The Tan-Luxe Illuminating “Sun Activating & Intensifying Drops” are added to face cream or facial oil to help extend and intensify a natural tan. These aren’t a fake tan, like (for example) Hylamide Glow; the formula contains ingredients that stimulate melanin production so that your skin develops a more even colour in the sun. I found that my face looked beautifully golden after that hot spell we had a few weeks ago, and I’ve now started to add drops to my body lotion too. My shins, which never ever seem to look anything but blotchy, are positively Californian. The Tan-Luxe Tan Booster is £42 from Space NK here*.

The Anne Semonin Phytarosa Serum (£88 at Harrods here*) has a similar tan-enhancing effect, though it’s a straight-to-the-skin product rather than a concentrate that’s added to other things. A rich, sumptuous oil, it gives my skin an instant glow and feels very plumping and decadent. It’s formulated with macadamia nut oil and beta carotene oil and has great anti-oxidant properties, I like to apply it in the morning before I pop out for my bit of Vitamin D in the garden. (AKA: five stolen minutes lying on the picnic blanket, baby monitors switched on, dog careering around like a nutter. Perfect.)

Ooh – I’ve just noticed that there’s a Lanolips lip ointment in the main “pink things” image. You can read about Lanolips here; this one is strawberry-scented. Very nice, though nothing can beat the banana one. Again, had it been packaged in pink…

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