Pixi Week Of Makeup Palette

Pixi "Week Of Makeup"How great is this Pixi palette? Such a lovely idea – different makeup combinations for every day of the week. It’s really cute and it’s going straight onto Keep Calm and Shop in the Beauty SOS section as a hangover cure! Why a hangover cure? Because all of the days have at least one thing that’s brilliant for brightening up skin. Whether it’s a coral blush, a pearly eyeshadow or a luscious lip-colour, there’s something each and every day that will add a healthy flush of colour or draw attention away from deathly undereye circles!

 Don’t you think that this would also make quite a sweet gift? I would never really give makeup as a present, but somehow this feels different! The side drawers slide out when you pull the ribbon tags, and it all feels very cute and girly. The makeup itself is lovely – the cheek and eye powders apply beautifully and the lip glosses are sheer and subtle. Each shade is in quite a small pan though, so you definitely need to be careful when sweeping a brush across the cheek colours or using the darker shadows! Probably best to cover the lip glosses up with a tissue to stop them getting dusty…

Pixi Week of Makeup is £25 from Boots here: http://tidd.ly/f456d586


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