Piz Buin In Sun Ultra Light Spray Review

Piz Buin In Sun Ultra Light Spray My most-used SPF of the summer, made by the brand that nobody ever knows how to pronounce. Or is it just my immediate family that has a problem with it? One of us says “piss boon”, another “pizz boo-in” and my mother, who always pronounces anything she’s not sure of in French, says “peee bwan”! Whichever way it’s pronounced (and please do submit your pronunciations in m-peg format for my amusement) this SPF spray is great stuff. I took it to Santorini along with about thirty other body and face lotions and this one, for the price, scored extremely highly. Not that I kept a scoreboard or anything (that would be a fun holiday) but I do have a constant ‘beauty dialogue’ going on in my head, even when I’m supposed to be relaxing.

Mental notes on the Piz: light, non-greasy, very easy to rub in. Is that man wearing a thong?! Nice fragrance, absorbs quickly….no. They’ve just ridden up at the back. Spray bottle is very convenient, especially, I imagine, if you’re on a beach. 

 I’m ashamed to say that when it came to posing around the pool I took my Sisley with me (terrible, I know! Such a poser!) but Piz has to take the credit for most of my very even, very long-lasting tan. Another brilliant product in the “In Sun” range is the Radiant Face Cream (SPF30) which gives skin a superb shimmer whilst protecting it from the sun. Very glam.

In Sun Ultra Light Spray is £16.33 from Boots here: http://tidd.ly/427cff35

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