Posh Nails: Rimmel Whitener

The lovely makeup artist on my job yesterday painted my nails with Rimmel’s Whitener ‘Nail Brightening Complex’. It also says ‘All White Now’ on the bottle, which is kind of unnecessary and a little obvious, but I’ll let that point go. Because this stuff is really a bit of a find!

Dot (the makeup artist) wanted my nails to look very clean and polished, but didn’t want a particular ‘colour’ as such. Rimmel’s Whitener was perfect for this; she applied three coats and the result was a wintery, slightly pearlescent white. Not white in a ‘whose been at the tippex’ way, but just a very light version of the shade that you’d have if you were having a French Manicure. I think that it looks incredibly posh and groomed, and if you take a look at the second photograph, you’ll see that it shows up nicely even at a distance!

This product is intended as a base coat, but I love it as an easy way to give hands a polished, groomed look. Obviously it would work wonders underneath other shades, too!

One problem: I can’t seem to find this product anywhere – on the internet OR the high street. Why is that? I need some, and I need some now! If anyone knows (yes, I’m looking at you, Rimmel PRs) then please do let me know. I want my nails to look this posh all the time!

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