The Pregnancy Diaries: 21 Weeks

pregnancy diary 21 weeks

Oooh, where have I been? Naughty naughty diary writer! I must be feeling better, as I’ve stopped writing down all of my moans and gripes. I’m only back to tell you all about my stomach issues… I’ve had such BAD runs (the D-word – can never spell it anyway) and pains so horrible that they almost feel like labour pains. I’ve recorded a whole Youtube video about it here, if you want more detail. (Go on, you know you want to.)

I’m quite enjoying reading the diary entries from my last pregnancy, now that I’ve caught up a bit – if you’re interested, then I’ve linked to them below. Look at my neat little bump I had at 20 weeks last time – I was definitely showing, but it was nothing like the giant egg I have sticking out at the front this time! Behold:

baby bump at 20 weeks

and behold:

asos bardot maternity dress sale

Actually, the picture above was at 18 or 19 weeks, I think… I was in Paris with Darphin and I’m pretty sure that was a week or so before my 20 week scan. Which was all fine, by the way – tip-top. I had to go on my own because my husband suddenly got a job in shooting Gary Barlow (with a camera, he’s not a hit-man!), but the lady who did the scan was so businesslike and quick anyway that it felt more like having a medical check-up than anything too emotional. Though I still shed a tear. As you do. Always my left eye, for some reason…

First Pregnancy Diary: 19 Weeks…

First Pregnancy Diary: 20 Weeks…

First Pregnancy Diary: 21 Weeks…

*this diary entry was posted when I was 25 weeks pregnant – I’ve been late with catching up with the diaries!

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