The Pregnancy Diaries: 23 Weeks

pregnancy diary 23 weeks

This week has been mainly dominated with my concern for my C-Section scar and my irritation levels about the fact that all of my underwear seems to be slipping down from my bump and creasing in the exact place that the scar is. It’s not comfortable at all. I now know what it is to feel “chafed”.

So I’ve spent a good proportion of my “down time” trawling the internet for underwear solutions. I’m looking at investing in the Jojo Maman Bebe pants that go all the way over the bump – they look pretty sturdy. On the JJMMBB subject: their cotton over-bump leggings are absolutely top-notch. Thick, quality finish and with a long part over the bump that actually feels quite supportive as well as being great at staying up. The band never rolls down – I’m very impressed. They come in grey and navy as well, which is a bonus if you’re sick of black.

No other symptoms to report – I think I’ve finally banished my stomach problem (I had terrible diarrhoea) by cutting out  a lot of cheese. To be fair, I was eating an incredible amount of it. Cheese all day. Mmm. And half a pint of milk in my porridge every morning – I’ve knocked that on the head too, cutting down to a couple of times a week. I’ve had problems with dairy in the past, so that was the first thing I looked into when my stomach started playing up – I’m going to introduce more dairy back in, slowly slowly, just to see if I can tolerate it. I haven’t banished it completely, I don’t think I’m allergic or anything, just that I was blatantly overdoing it on the fromage front.

God I love cheese.

I’ve just realised that there’s only another month or so of the second trimester left, and then it’s the home run. ARGH! I’ve thought about what it will be like with a new baby a lot more than I did last time – I sort of blanked it out and was in denial with Angelica, just willing everything to be ok and to get through the pregnancy with a healthy baby. I didn’t think further than the pregnancy. This time I can actually visualise things, and it’s really exciting – a new baby. It will be strange, I’m sure, to be thrown right back to the start – breastfeeding, a limpet stuck to my chest all day long, a baby in the bedroom, long nights with many feeds – but I’m looking forward to it. Onwards and upwards – bring it on.

I had a little sleep after writing that, haha. If I’m tired now, what will I be like when the new baby arrives? Onwards and upwards indeed…

*gorgeous “cold shoulder” top in the photo is from Isabella Oliver here.

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