The Pregnancy Diaries: Week 16

diary 16 weeks pregnant

[Note: as I type up this diary entry I am 25 weeks pregnant. At this rate, I’ll only catch up once the baby is born! So I’m going to try and get up to speed over the course of the next few days – sorry if it’s pregnancy diary overload.]

I can honestly say that I think I feel more uncomfortable now, at 16 weeks, than I did full term last time. My legs hurt, I feel like a tank, I feel so tired all the time and my bladder is constantly giving the impression that it’s about to burst. My husband swears I was exactly the same last time but I seem to remember flying through the last two trimesters with minimal discomfort. Oh! Apart from that terrible rib-ache I had, and the hip pain…

One thing that’s the same: I feel as though my entire womb, and possibly digestive system, is about to fall out of my vagina. I was so paranoid last time that I had an incompetent cervix, because it honestly felt as though my whole reproductive system was somehow prolapsing and about to appear on the outside of my body, but I suppose it’s just the weird sensation of the added weight in there. I spent hours Googling incompetent cervixes last time and even considered asking to have a couple of stitches put in, such was my (completely unfounded) anxiety. I was so paranoid that I’d have a premature opening of the cervix – I’m sure that at my twenty week scan I tentatively asked whether she could measure the length of it to make sure it wasn’t elongated!

In other news, I am eating loads even when I’m not that hungry. Which probably isn’t good. Maybe I am hungry but just don’t know it? If I don’t eat I get wobbly and weird and dizzy (same happened last time) and then I panic-eat really sugary things. So I suppose the answer is more meals but smaller portions. Ban the sugar! Honestly, everything I think of eating is bad. I need a personal chef.

I had some spots on my back and chest this week and starting thinking ooh, maybe it’s a boy because I didn’t get spots last time. Thankfully, people haven’t started that thing with me yet where they proclaim that they know what sex the baby is and then proceed to explain how they know… It drives me mad when people do that! YOU HAVE A FIFTY PERCENT CHANCE OF BEING RIGHT, IT’S NOT EXACTLY A MYSTIC MEG PREDICTION!

Bump-wise, I am most definitely “obviously pregnant” – I have taken to wearing my new grey and bright pink H&M shirt dress every day (see picture), because it’s loose and comfy and doesn’t make my bump too obvious…

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