Pregnancy Week 41

41 week baby bump

Whoosh! Just squeaking in with this week’s diary entry, I reckon! Week 41, the week where the bump has become so heavy I have to hold it up on the daily speed-walk because it feels as though something might fall out! (Have taken to a daily dog-walking session that involves a little hill, and I do long lunge-walks up it to try and start things off.) I can categorically say that sex, sweeps and pineapple did not trigger labour. Nor did hot curry. I have a few other tricks up my sleeve (and a second sweep) so will keep you updated. I get the feeling that things happen when they happen. Funny that.

Lots of people asked me about the relaxation and “hypnobirthing” things that I have been listening to; I have no idea whether they will actually do anything when it comes to established labour, but they have kept me very chilled out and happy for the past few weeks so if you feel you’re a panicker (I am) and you need tricks to keep your mind from going bat-shit crazy (I do) then give them a go. There were LOADS recommended to me but I found them hard to track down in the app store or on iTunes and so I ended up listening to a lot of samples and finally plumping for the “Natal Hypnotherapy” series by Maggie Howell. I like her voice, especially when she says “that’s right…..wonderful”. Ha. I have “Letting Go of Fears”, “The Labour Companion” and “Effective Birth Preparation for Hospital or Birth Centre”. They are all on iTunes or on Amazon here, if you want a hard copy CD.

Right. Off for another dog walk – the poor dog is exhausted! I would love to have a gory set of symptoms to share with you, but no: I was denied the joy of examining a mucus plug (when the hell did that sneak its way out?) and apart from needing a wee every twenty seconds, things are feeling tip-top. Oh – itchy bump. Really itchy. And if the sun even so much as winks at my tummy area it feels as though it is instantly burning, even through fabric. Also, preggers people, careful in the hot sun because I think that my chest caught it the other day, despite SPF30. I’ve also had a smattering of freckles appear on my face – again, despite SPF – so wise to try and avoid getting caught out. Big hat, shady tree, etc etc.

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