Preventative Measures: Clarins Multi-Active

I made the terrible mistake last month of looking in one of those magnifying mirrors that you can get. Actually, that makes it sound as though it was a one-off event – I actually bought a magnifying mirror, and I can’t stop looking in it! Everything looks about fifty times worse when I look in it (which is about three hundred times a day – I have it next to my computer. I just looked in it then!) I prod about on my face for hours, looking at the little lines and creases and generally obsessing about my skin. To cut a long story short, I have become preoccupied with preventative measures – stopping these fine lines in their tracks before they actually begin to be visible by the naked eye. The problem with anti-aging stuff is that it’s usually a bit too rich for my skin – probably because it’s meant for slightly older skin; I want potions and lotions that are light enough to use everyday, that target my specific concern – aging prevention!

Basically, I want to ‘stop the clock’ – not ‘turn back time’. And so to my first product in the Preventative Measures category: Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream – Early Wrinkle Correction. (Early Wrinkle Correction! It’s like they read my mind.) I’ve tested this for a month – I’m on to a new one now, for research’s sake, but this cream will definitely be my new ‘staple’ moisturiser. For the name alone. Early Wrinkle Correction, for Pete’s sake – it’s as though they named it for me! Talk about addressing my concerns! Here’s the vid:

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