Preventative Measures: Bliss, “The Youth” Anti-Aging Concentrate

Had a rather age-obsessed conversation at my job today. We (there were three models present) had quite a lot of time to kill in between performing extremely demanding tasks, and talk inevitably turned to celebrities. In particular, celebrities and their perceived-vs-actual ages. Using highly advanced research methods (Google) we managed to establish that Beyonce Knowles (perceived age 28) is actually 36, and that Christine Bleakley had previously lied about her age, the naughty minx, shaving off ONE WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR!

All of the above is entirely unsubstantiated, of course, I would just like to make that clear. We formed our opinions from a pick ‘n mix of press cuttings, public opinions and the online ravings of utter lunatics.

Anyway, it’s a model’s favourite game, the whole ‘perceived-vs-actual age’ game. Especially once models reach the ‘geriatric’ phase of their career, which these days is anything past twenty-one. The bigger the numeric difference between perceived age and real age, (so long as the former is lower, obviously!) the more secure and happy a model feels. I, Ruth Crilly, am the ultimate secure and happy model – everyone thinks that I’m twenty five when I am, in fact, fifty-two….  But enough of these fabrications! Today’s recommendation is “The Youth” Concentrate by Bliss. This is the second product in my Preventative Measures series (a close look at early aging) and I have given it an extensive testing. It’s a gorgeously light serum that won’t overload young (ish!) skin; it absorbs easily and preps your skin beautifully for moisturising.

Take a look at the video (sorry about the headband, in retrospect it was a grave mistake) for my full recommendation.

Bliss, “The Youth as we know it” Anti-Aging Concentrate, £45

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