Preventative Measures: Darphin Arovita C

Right, I’m back! This recommendation was intended to reach you whilst I was away, but, as always, there was some kind of technical glitch. Here it is now – actually improved by the fact that I have had even longer to test the (wondrous, oh-so-gorgeous) Tangerine Aromatic Care. So here it is, better late than never:

Those of you who have been paying attention will know that I am on a constant quest for products that counteract early signs of aging – loss of radiance, the beginnings of very fine lines, and so on. My latest find is from Darphin, who have a range marked out as targeting ‘first signs of aging’; products that correct and deter early signs, and also protect against the environmental hazards that cause premature aging. Sounded good to me, and I opted to try the Arovita C Line Response Fluid for daytime, and the Tangerine Aromatic Care for night. The day fluid was excellent – light, easily absorbed, fragrant; but it was the gorgeous Tangerine oil that took my breath away. It has the most divine smell, and the process of gently massaging it into the face and neck last thing at night is completely therapeutic. I continued to use it whilst I was away, and it really soothed and rejuvenated my beach-battered face at the end of every day.

Overall, the two products worked together perfectly to provide round-the-clock beautifying care. My skin felt softer and more elastic. The word ‘bouncier’ comes to mind – not the most sophisticated of words, but it sums up the results perfectly! Take a look at the video, where I rave some more about aging, tangerines and stuff. There are other products in this line; a cream and a serum, and you could opt for the regime that suits you. I chose the fluid because it’s for normal to combination skin, but if you have dry skin, perhaps go for the cream.

Darphin Arovita C Line Response Lotion, £47, and Tangerine Aromatic Care, £39 with free delivery, from here.

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