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There’s a lot of bandying around of the phrase “even skintone” and a lot of products claiming to be able to reduce facial hyperpigmentation and various dark-spot blemishes. I don’t suffer from hyperpigmentation, but I used to find that after every spot, I’d get a deep red mark that would sit under my skin for months and months. I say used to find because I no longer have that problem so much – the regular use of a chemical exfoliant (I use Liquid Gold, see review here) seems to keep most of the spots at bay anyway, but if there are marks after the spot has disappeared then they fade quite quickly.

I know lots of people with dark patches on their faces; some caused by pregnancy hormones and that never really faded properly, some caused by sun damage, others by acne. It’s such a massive, massive skin complaint, and the beauty world has jumped on it with all of its weight, bringing out a new product every few weeks or so, it seems. Personally, I think that one of the most important things to bear in mind when dealing with dark spots is that you need to prevent them from getting any worse. (Or prevent them full stop if you’re lucky enough not to have any!) So a good SPF and a good moisturiser with antioxidant ingredients is key.

This set from Estée Lauder caught my interest – it’s a Travel Retail deal that goes out this month, the Even Skintone Solutions, and the price in Duty Free is £78.80. (It’s a saving of about twenty-five pounds or so, I think; you get a 50ml Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator (£64) and a 50ml Daywear Moisturiser (£39). Obviously you can buy these products separately too, you can find them in Boots, House of Fraser, John Lewis and so on.) The set caught my eye because I thought that it offered quite a comprehensive little solution to daytime skincare, if you’re looking to prevent an uneven skintone or if you’re trying to fade minor dark spots. It ticks quite a few boxes in that the moisturiser has an SPF15 (adequate for a usual British day!) and also added antioxidant ingredients, and the serum contains an exfoliant (Salicylic acid) that could help to fade acne scars. It’s not going to hit them full on like a dedicated treatment would, but as a small, regular step I think that it’s pretty useful.

Sometimes, there’s just too much stuff out there to get your head around and you end up going to your good old trusty department store counter. There’s nothing wrong with that, and if you end up at Estée Lauder and you want a morning regime that will provide some protection for your skin and help to prevent pigmentation marks, then this little duo will set you off in the right direction. Just wait until there’s a Gift with Purchase on!

The Idealist product, by the way, is not the same as the Idealist in the darker green bottle. That one is for refining pores. Both do leave the skin really, really smooth and primed though – I use the darker green Idealist as a primer below tinted moisturiser or BB Cream that contains an SPF. That gives the perfect amount of moisture for me, and doesn’t add too many layers to my regime!

You can order online from John Lewis, House of Fraser etc.or keep a lookout when you’re passing through the airport shopping areas.

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