Heat Wave!

heat wave UK september weatherWe’re having a mini heat-wave here in the UK – how utterly fantastic!

I was just sorting through some images that needed processing and I found this one, taken very sneakily by Mr AMR when I was engrossed in my reading. (Location: Aenaon Villas. Heaven on earth!) I was originally going to use this image to illustrate a post about how summer was long gone but now I can use it to illustrate my ‘heat wave’ mini reviews!

Just a few things that slipped through the net over the summer – I felt that it would be a little inappropriate to mention them once the sun had put his hat away for the year, but now that the Indian Summer has arrived…

1) Sue Devitt Golden Triangle Highlighter. I have really been impressed with Sue’s (can I call you Sue?!) makeup recently. This is a gorgeous golden illuminator to be used on cheekbones and underneath the brows. It blends out really easy and has a pleasingly slippery texture. £18 from LookFantastic here: http://tidd.ly/7fed1911  sue devitt golden triangle

2) ANYTHING from Institut Esthederm’s sun range but in particular the UV inCellium Bronzant Face and Body Spray. It’s so amazing. It doesn’t have an ‘SPF’ as such, but it works to increase your skin’s own natural defences in the sun. You can use it in the run-up to holidays or periods of sun exposure and then actually in the sun, although not if it’s blazing hot. It’s just like spraying on water and it dries almost instantly, so you can give your bare arms, chest and shoulders a quick blast with it if you know that you’re going to be sitting outside in the sun at lunchtime. £36.90 with free worldwide delivery from FeelUnique here: http://tidd.ly/4a73959

UV inCellium Bronzant Face and Body Spray

3) Alpha-H Absolute Eye Complex. Alpha-H can do little wrong for me, and their eye gel has taken up permanent residence in my fridge! It’s cool anyway, but by God does it pack a punch straight from the cooler! For those who have become Liquid Gold addicts (see the Liquid Gold post here) and wondered whether a more gentle resurfacer existed for the eye area, then this is your answer. It contains hibiscus flowers for exactly that purpose – mild, delicate exfoliation. Obviously this gel can be used all year round, but it’s extra-amazing on a hot day! £34.50 from HQHair with free delivery here: http://tidd.ly/be008c6c

Alpha-H Absolute Eye Complex

4) ‘Blink’ Pure Rose Gel. If you’re sick of ‘aloe and cucumber’ formulas for cooling you down in the heat then perhaps a little touch of rose will perk you up? This is like Turkish Delight for the face, I think it’s lovely! (I know that Turkish Delight is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of thing, but you don’t have to eat this, so…) It’s made with pure rosewater but it still has aloe and cucumber in it for extra-soothing power. Best of all the worlds! £24 for 50ml from Blink Brow Bars here: http://www.blinkbrowbar.com/products-page/skin/pure-rose-facial-gel/

blink rose gel

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