Project Sshhh, AKA Keep Calm and Shop!

Keep Calm and Shop!

YAY! I have revealed Project Sshhh today; it is none other than top online luxury shopping guide, Keep Calm and Shop! I have been beavering away all on my lonesome, building a website and filling it with lots of lovely ideas for gifts and there’s also a whole section on Beauty Emergencies and things to solve them with!

I’m so excited about this new site, but now that the majority of the work is done I’ll be back on form here on A Model Recommends which will always be my first love. Both sites are, and will remain, absolutely honest and unbiased so that whichever you turn to for advice or recommendations you can guarantee a trustworthy answer!

I really hope you like Keep Calm and Shop – I have been so nervous about launching it! Please send the link to friends, family, boyfriends, husbands, uncles – whoever! It will be updated daily with new bits and pieces and I’ll try not to overlap the content too much. That said, if a product from here is simply marvelous as a Beauty SOS solver on Keep Calm and Shop, I’ll have no qualms about putting it on both!

Please note that Keep Calm and Shop isn’t actually a shop – I don’t hold stock or actually sell product, it’s simply an online gift guide. To buy suggestions, click on the links!

So, all that’s left to say, I suppose, is…



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