Re-Purchase: Talika Gentle Eye Cleanser

talika eye makeup remover review

I finally ran out of my Talika Gentle Eye Cleanser and immediately felt the need to replace it with a new one. Always a good sign when someone has (literally) two boxes filled with cleansers that need to be tested! I bought the first bottle a couple of years ago when I had lash extensions done – it was oil-free and gentle and just what I needed to remove any makeup from around the lids and undereye without affecting the lash glue. I continued using it way after the extensions had all fallen out – it’s a nice one for after beauty shoots because it’s so soothing on the eye area.

I lost the first bottle for quite a while, which is the only reason it’s taken so long to use it up – I would have replaced it sooner but I just knew it was in the house somewhere! (Behind the chest of drawers.) Anyway, it’s a nice product to look out for – very gently scented by the rosewater in the formula, it removes all eye makeup apart from waterproof formulas. But let’s face it; what can get these waterproof mascaras off? That’s why I refuse to even test them – you need some kind of wallpaper steamer to even begin to loosen them off!

Talika Gentle Eye Cleanser is £15 with free delivery from here. (Another gentle option: Klorane’s Cornflower Eye Makeup Remover, or for a bit more bi-phase power, Lancome’s Bi-Facil.)

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