Red Eyes be Gone! (Courtesy of Eyebright, Liz Earle)

Do you suffer from any of the following:

1. Hayfever

2. Dry, itchy eyes in the morning

3. Gummy, puffy eyes in the morning

4. Hot, tired eyes after staring at the computer all day

5. Eyes that are battered by frequent red-eye flights?

If the answer is yes, and thus far in life you have been treating the problem with teabags/cold flannels/sticky de-puffing gels/water sprays/eyedrops, then please cease use immediately and listen up!

Liz Earle’s Eyebright is a gorgeously soothing eye lotion that has so many uses it’s hard to believe that I have ever used anything else in the morning! Over the last week or so I have used it first thing to help revive and refresh my eyes and have been turning up at my jobs with amazingly clear eyes and smooth eyelids – much to the delight of the make-up artists! It’s amazing to use in the morning when you still have the faintest trace of eye make-up left on (it happens to the best of us) and you don’t want to use anything too strong. I’m pretty certain that it’s helped diminish my dark circles and reduce puffiness, but the best treat of all was soaking cotton wool pads in it and lying in the bath with a face mask on!

This is going to be my summertime beauty staple – I’ve always felt that there was a gaping hole in my morning beauty routine, and Eyebright fills it up very nicely, leaving my eyes revitalised and fresh. This is an absolute STAR BUY for hayfever sufferers!

£9.50 for 150ml,

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