Return to Kennaland….the Colour Overhaul

If you didn’t catch my first visit to Kennaland (ultra-cool and exclusive hair studio in East London) then click here to get yourselves acquainted: Kennaland

If you did witness my first visit, then you’ll know that I had a mighty fine time there and didn’t want to leave. I came out with my hair looking very sexy and new, and most importantly, not blow-dried to within an inch of the ceiling. (Why do haircuts always have to end with a ridiculous blow-dry-circa-nineties-Hello Magazine? None of that nonsense at Kennaland – it’s all about hair that you can wear; well-considered cuts that fall into place with minimum effort.)

On my return visit to Kennaland, I was fortunate enough that top-colourist-in-residence Sophia had time to work some miracles on my tired-looking blondeness. She looked carefully at my existing colour and my natural tones, and leafed through my portfolio to get an idea of which shades of blonde seemed to work best for me. This is where the concept of a hair ‘studio’ rather than ‘salon’ really comes into it’s own; had I been in a salon, I would have been ushered into a chair, gowned-up and the colourist would have already settled on the standard, run-of-the-mill half-head of highlights. That’s because in a salon, the colourist has a tiny time-slot to whack some foils in before the next client arrives – their two-minute-consultation-and-half-head-foils-time-slot will happen whilst your own colour is cooking away…

How refreshing, then, to be in the hair studio with time to discuss exactly the blonde that I want, which is expensive, glossy, and easy to maintain. Whilst I chomped away on a Goat’s Cheese and Fig-Jam Bloomer, Sophia recommended an all-over gloss which would warm up both my natural tones and the existing highlights, be gentle and kind on my hair and easy to maintain. There would be a few new highlights to freshen up the regrowth at the roots, but they would come from underneath rather than on the parting, so that future regrowth would be much less noticeable. I loved the way that Sophia carefully thought through my different hair needs and requirements, coming up with a completely tailor-made ‘plan of action’, before finally consulting with Kenna about the final look…I felt totally reassured throughout the whole process (important for a model who has had more hair disasters inflicted on her over the years than she can remember).

One week on and I’m so happy with my hair – it feels just as it should do; healthy and natural. For the first time in about twelve years (that’s how long I’ve been pedalling on the old ‘bleach/regrowth/bleach’ cycle) I feel as though I’ll finally be able to keep my distance from the ‘half-head highlights’ trap – just having the odd few every now and again to freshen up the overall mix of tones.

So if you feel as though you’ve been a slave to the bleach, or you’re just stuck in a colour rut, then you definitely need to think about investing in a one-on-one appointment with Sophia before getting a cut with Kenna or Patrick. The difference is quite astounding; it’s the kind of hair-attention you would imagine celebrities receive. Which is probably why there’s a whole (secret) list of celebrities that come here… Watch the video to see my colour transformation!

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