Review: Estée Lauder Pure Colour Matte Lipstick in Naked

Estée Lauder Pure Colour Matte Lipstick

For me, the highlight of Estée Lauder’s spring collection (Pretty Naughty) is most definitely the Pure Colour Matte Lipstick. It comes in four shades but my favourites are a peachy-nude, “Naked” and a bold, orange-red called “Rock Candy”. They are incredibly pigmented and long-lasting – but a word of warning: your lips need to be in good condition to get the best out of these formulas. They are matte (as the name suggests) and thus emphasise every flake that might be hanging attractively from your mouth. I also find the redder shade to be a little drying, though not so much with the nude peach. Is that something that they put in the red shades? A type of colouring? I do find that with loads of lipsticks – the coral brights that I love so much often cause my lips to spontaneously fall apart into a million pieces of dry skin! I shall have to look into this phenomenon. I’m sure I was chatting about this with someone pre-flu, but I can’t remember who now!

Ruth Crilly model beauty blog

Here’s an incredibly close-up photo of “Naked” upon my mouth. You can see just about every hair and pore so apologies if you’re squeamish about stuff like that, I hadn’t done the rest of my makeup so had to zoom right in! It’s a nice shade, though, isn’t it? A good chalky peach – these matte shades always remind me of milkshakes when they’re pretty and light. What do you think? It’s not exactly an easy wear, I’ll admit, but if you prep your lips with a good strong lipbalm and slough off any flakes the effect is very pleasing.

This seems to have sold out in lots of places but I’ve tracked it down at – it’s £19.50 or 1,950 of your most precious Advantage points. And if you’re into fabulous makeup packaging then watch this space – Estée Lauder’s Mad Men collection is featuring soon, I just need to upload my photos!

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