Rituals ‘Under a Fig Tree’ Fragrance Diffuser

Rituals 'Under a Fig Tree' Fragrance Diffuser

You may not be able to tell from the picture above, but the cardboard tube containing the Rituals ‘Under a Fig Tree’ Fragrance Diffuser has approximately the same dimensions as a missile launcher. It’s huge. If I was stood in the picture I’d be resting my elbow on the lid.

I exaggerate, of course, but what I’m trying to convey to you all is that this is one huge Jar o’ Twigs. I’ve got really into my reed diffusers this year – I recently wrote about a very expensive one from Cochane, (which many of you misread as ‘Cocaine’, worryingly) and at Christmas I featured a Christmas Tree-flavoured diffuser. That one is still going, actually – there’s about a centimetre of scent left in the beautiful little bottle.

Anyway, this one by Rituals is, in my opinion, very good value for money indeed. You get a whopping 230ml of scent and a handful of long twigs to stick into it, and the bottle comes with a nice little wooden ‘collar’ that keeps the sticks upright and also makes the bottle look pretty. The scent does appear to be disappearing at a slightly faster rate than it has done with the more expensive Jar o’ Twigs that I have, but then it’s a fraction of the price – so, swings and roundabouts people!

The ‘Under a Fig Tree’ fragrance is lovely – I like figgy scents, even if they have been done to death over the recent decade. My bedroom smells lovely – not too sickly sweet, not too ‘heady’, just perfect.

The price for this particular Stick-and-Scent set? £19.90! Body Shop’s version is £15 for half the quantity, just to give you a price-per-ml comparison. Top marks for Rituals – stylish and affordable. For more details and other Rituals products, have a look HERE.

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