The Sunday Tittle Tattle: A Personal Goal

writing a book

1) Wooo! This week I have achieved a massive personal goal and finished the first draft of a novel. I started it when I was at uni, doing my MA, and it was starting to drag on so I bit the bullet and got through to the end. I don’t know whether anyone will ever read it, apart from Mr AMR and my parents, but I feel so happy to have written the very last sentence! It’s only the first draft, so the hard work is yet to come, but the feeling of satisfaction is immense. Over 160,000 words, painstakingly typed out over the course of the past year, and when I went back to read the first few sentences I could hardly believe they were mine!

2) I haven’t had much time for anything else this week. I took the whole week out to a) re-jig the website (hope you like the new cleaner layout and the speedy page-loading) and b) finish writing the first draft of my book. Kind of a stupid goal to have set myself when it’s so busy with work, but I had passed the year-mark and I thought that if I didn’t finish now then I’d lose momentum! So yes, not a lot else to report. A bat flew in my face, the dog tried to eat a conker, the dog then succeeded in eating two pairs of my highly-prized Hanky Panky knickers. (Best thongs ever, and I hate thongs, let me tell you. These are simply the most comfortable thing ever.)  They are usually about £20 each, but they often have some crazy-assed colour combos half price on The Outnet.

mr bear the british shorthair cat

3) Pets! Here are the dog and the cat having a little play-fight. They do this for a mad hour every day and then ignore each other for pretty much the rest of the time. Dexter likes to pat the cat gently with his paw, Mr Bear likes to lie beneath him and nip his ankles and make suggestive noises. Here you can see the dog sneaking up on the grumpy, unsuspecting cat (above) and then the two of them locked in mortal combat (below).

dexter the cockapoo dog

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