Ruth’s Annual Candle Video…Merry Christmas!

annual candle video

Merry Christmas everyone! If you’re reading this on Christmas Eve then you’ll be feeling very festive no doubt – Christmas Eve is actually my most favourite part of the whole deal. It’s just so filled with memories of the excitement that I felt when I was little; there’s something totally magical about the night before. Being made to go to bed so that “Father Christmas” could come down the chimney, leaving out the mince pie and carrot…

annual candle video

Here’s my Annual Candle Video – please do watch it if only to laugh at Mr AMR lighting the candle wicks. He refused to waste a new match on each candle and so the flame kept getting nearer and nearer to his fingers! I actually filmed over a dozen of the candles being lit but these were the only ones I could include – I was envisioning a million health and safety complaints landing in my Youtube comments section. I will possibly do a more in-detail candle post early next week with my favourite picks – though they were all pretty lovely, to be quite honest! I have listed them all, with a few “tasting notes” underneath the video pane. Maybe some of them will go into the sales – I shall keep my hawk eyes open and keep you updated.

But it’s goodbye for now; I’m taking the next few days off! I will be back next week with a renewed sense of purpose and lots of exciting posts.

Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone. Eat, drink and be merry.

Ruth xx

Candles Shown:

Space NK Shimmering Spice Small Candle: – this is small but perfectly formed and smells amazing. Really good value at £15 but with a true luxury scent.

The London Oil Company, Christmas Spice:… – costs from £7! Really unusual and quirky little number from a tiny London business.

Diptyque Resine: – oh, just delightful, as always.

Elemis Spa Light Candle: – I love the way the jar glows and the Elemis name lights up! Smells very relaxing too.

Large Red Jo Malone Candle – Frosted Cherry and Clove:… – erm, seriously luxury this one. V expensive. Not usually into clove but this works well with the cherry.

Green Foil Candle is Cire Trudon Gabriel – AMAZING! Possibly my favourite, apart from the one below from This Works.

Swirly green-jarred candle is Malachite by Fornasetti: – total indulgence and the jars are like little pieces of art!

Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle by This Works: – just amazing, this one and truly does help you to relax!

Ormonde Jayne Etoile Scented Candle:… – properly thought-about scent. Unique and rich and indulgent.

Emma Bridgewater Candle:

Hush Pomegranate & Peppercorn: – so chic! If you like Pomegranate Noir and want a slightly more affordable version, then this is quite similar…

l’Occitane Arlesienne: – light and florally and sweet.

Tori Burch (on top of orange box):…

NEOM Perfect Peace Candle: – gorgeous, but sold out pretty much everywhere, sorry…

Shiffa Prosperity Candle: – LOVE this! Shiffa is a mega-expensive brand so thought this would be incredibly dear, but is £35. Not tooooo bad.

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