Sales, Me, Bankruptcy.

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I spend a fair amount of time browsing online stores and…er…buying stuff. I have to be a little bit sensible here and underplay my purchases, just in case ‘certain people’ (person) are (is) reading. Pleading poverty isn’t quite so easy when your stash of Net-a-Porter bags gets discovered underneath the bed!

Anyway, I spend loads of time searching online because a) I’m something of a shopaholic and b) I need to have my finger on the retail pulse so that everything on Keep Calm and Shop is as up-to-date as possible. (Reason ‘b’ is blatantly just an excuse.)

Let’s cut to the chase and see what I have been buying and/or lusting after shall we?

1) Anything and everything from the Myla sale – I bought an extra set of Hortensia lingerie the other day, which means that I now, if my washing machine breaks, I have enough lingerie to last me about three years.

myla sale

2) Selected things from the Net-a-Porter sale have made their way into my basket, then out again, then in again. At present, the basket contains a £300 Gucci dress which I’m dithering over. It’s very plain, but extremely well-cut and I know I’d get a lot of wear out of it! (What to do, what to do…) No, I’m not giving the link out – knowing my luck one of you will snap up the last one and I’ll be devastated! Search for it at your peril…

Net-a-Porter Sale, click here

3) The SpaceNK Sale. It’s short and sweet with a couple of really very nice bargains to be had.

The MOR products and SpaceNK own-brand shower products would make brilliant, inexpensive stocking fillers if you’re thinking of preparing for the C-word early!

SpaceNK Sale, click here

4) The Agent Provocateur Sale. Slightly more sluttish (in a good way, obviously!) than Myla, Agent Provocateur make the kind of lingerie that gets you into trouble. I particularly like the ‘Love’ bra (an old classic), down from £95 to £50 and the Nikita brief:

nikita briefdown from £40 to £20. Sorry to post a picture of an arse (it’s not mine, unfortunately) but I really do like these knickers. They are rude but not overtly so. I own a pair already, bought in 2004 (!) but I may have to re-stock. In a slightly larger size. Ahem.

Agent Provocateur Sale, click here

5) Last – but definitely not by any means least, the wonderful Lux in Bath. There’s no online shopping, but you can call for mail order on 01225 333998 – and let me tell you now, there are some brilliant bargains to be had! Check out the shoes I bought:

lux bath shoes(Timeless White Lace Heels, £20!)

lux bath shoes(Chinese Laundry Black Heels with Ruffle, down to £55!)

lux bath shoes(Miu Miu-esque fabric covered chunky heels from Timeless, £20!)

What was even better was that the Timeless heels were ‘buy one get one free’ so they worked out at a tenner a pair! If you want to know which sizes are left in stock, call Lux on 01225 333998, or if you’re in the vicinity of Bath you can find  the gorgeous Lux boutique at 9a Bartlett Street, Bath. Also in the sale; Belstaff and Chi Mahara. Bargainous!

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