Sales Shopping Continues…

Due to a little scheduling error, all of my weekend posts got published yesterday! God Dammit! So I have had to move forward next week’s posts and shuffle it all around a bit. Please do scroll back and have a look at last week’s posts to make sure you didn’t miss any – there’s a Monthly Favourites, a new whopping great fragrance post (All Things Jasmine) and a little “aside” about the differences between men and women. Oh, and a Laura Mercier Primer review. Blimey.

I have been (almost constantly) sales shopping. I have at least two windows open in my browser, checking on all of my usual haunts (Monica & Joe, Net-a-Porter, Donna Ida, ASOS!) and every time I’ve been to town I’ve popped into little places here and there – Office, Liberty, Topshop, Selfridges. Funny thing is, I’ve bought absolutely NOTHING in store, and everything online! I love being able to search by size and then order all of the results by price or brand or what have you – it’s so much more enjoyable than scrumming through the rails with some old bat trying to elbow you in the ribs!

You can see what I got from Monica & Joe in last week’s post, but I have been back since and the prices have dropped even lower. There are some absolute bargains! I have a few things in the basket – AGAIN. I’ve bought some Paige Verdugo jeans from Donna Ida, but they weren’t in the sale. I just desperately needed new jeans! Next mission is to find a gorgeous new bikini – there are loads on Net-a-Porter at a very good price, but I just can’t decide on which to go for! Maybe I’ll do a post and put it to a vote..

Here’s the vlog I made yesterday – if you’re a nosy-parker then you’ll love the glimpse into my extremely messy office!

Monica & Joe Sale:

My Monica & Joe Style Post:

Net-a-Porter Sale:

Donna Ida Sale:

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