Seared Ahi Tuna Salad

standard hollywood restaurant

I have found myself absolutely craving this Ahi Tuna salad recently. I ate it three times whilst staying at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood last year and it was the perfect summer-day dish. Light, fresh, really healthy and the zing from the fennel and grapefruit made it brilliant for livening me up mid-afternoon when the jet-lag kicked in!

I can’t imagine that there’s much of a secret to making this salad, but I suppose that getting a good quality piece of tuna must help. It was a very thick steak, too, which is probably why the searing worked so well – nice and pink in the middle. Mmm. I’d shave the fennel on my kitchen mandolin (I have this one: Kitchen Craft Professional Japanese Mandoline with Three Blades and Safety Guard) and then prepare nice juicy segments of grapefruit. This is making me so hungry.

Question: is there anyone reading who has had this exact salad at The Standard? Or who lives near there? Or who works there? If you told me what the salad dressing was, I would love you forever. It has to be something simple – probably oil and lemon – but I want to get it exactly right, so spill the beans if you know. This is the kind of food I could eat all day.

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