Sensodyne Repair & Protect

Sensodyne Repair & Protect

Does anyone else have toothpaste wars in their household? He likes the stripy paste, you like the white one. He likes a pump-action bottle, you think it’s ridiculous because it falls into the sink every ten seconds. You like a liquorice flavour one and then it mysteriously goes missing…

It occurred to me a month or so ago that instead of spending my time worrying about which tube shape was better, I should address the problem with my tooth sensitivity. It has been getting worse over the last couple of years but reached a bit of a climax five weeks ago when I really started to notice an uncomfortable sensation if I breathed in cold air. Yes, cold air. Don’t laugh – I don’t stand there like a horse, exposing my teeth and whistling breath in and out, it’s just that for some reason cold air affects them.

This review is pretty easy to write because I can’t think of any negative points, really – at least not ones that outweigh the positives. I switched to Sensodyne’s new Repair & Protect and noticed an almost immediate improvement in sensitivity. I had been using Arm & Hammer Whitening for years and still love it (even though my dentist tells me off for using it!) but I can’t think why I’d go back to it now – all of the niggling pains I had in my teeth have disappeared. As I write, I’m trying to remember the last shooting twinge and I think that it was before I went to Skye – and I began with the Sensodyne in Skye.

I have no idea how this Sensodyne works, I just know that it does. It’s doing something – the gubbins says that it forms a protective layer over the enamel – but I haven’t got the same interest in enamel as I have in skin, so am at a total loss on this one. I only have two small problems with the Sensodyne; the first worry is that I am no longer whitening. My good friend Dentist Sunny tells me that none of the whitening pastes really work anyway (I have heard this from a few sources now!) and so I’m not missing out, but still. There’s a voice in my brain telling me that my teeth are going to go yellow! My second very small ‘thing’ is that I’d like the Repair & Protect to be a tad mintier and fresher. Arm & Hammer literally burns the bejeezus out of your mouth (which I like) and leaves it fresh for ages, I don’t get quite the same effect from the Sensodyne.

So, Sensodyne people, if you’re listening: please stick the ‘whitening’ claim on the tube too. If everyone else is claiming it then you can too – it’ll make me feel a whole lot better! Also, if you could please make a special ‘Crilly Edition’ that comes with a health warning on its mintyness, that would be great! Those things aside, Sensodyne is quite brilliant. I wish that I had found it years ago!

Sensodyne Repair & Protect, £3.99 from Boots

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