September Book Recommendations

 I have been whizzing through a few books recently as I have been sat on the tube quite a lot (which is when I get most of my reading done!) – I have just realised that ‘sat on the tube’ could sound quite odd/rude to some people, so I’ll quickly clarify that I mean The London Underground Tube Trains. It’s not slang for toilet or code-word for a ‘toy’ or anything like that. (Have I dug the hole deep enough yet? Shall I carry on with this explanation or get on with some book recommendations?)

Firstly; When God Was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman. This one was a book club read (should, in all fairness, be renamed wine and gossip club) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I may have even shed a tear or two at some points, but there were more uplifting moments than depressing ones, so I’d say that this is a wonderful book to read as we go into autumn and the evenings get darker. It’s a beautiful portrayal of the relationship between a brother and sister as they grow up and it’s well-written and not too stodgy. I hate too many sections of cloying description and this had virtually non, so bonus points for that! (Buy: When God Was a Rabbit)

the help

Next; The Help. Just make sure you read it – it’s amazing. Quite stressful towards the end – it really is one of those books that you can’t wait to get back to, and it changes perspective quite regularly, shifting between different character’s viewpoints so it’s the perfect ‘put it down pick it up again’ kind of novel. A brave story about segregation and civil rights in 1960’s America, and if you’re anything like me you’ll want to read this before seeing the movie that comes out in October, I would have thought. (Buy: The Help)

trespass rose tremain

Lastly, Trespass by Rose Tremain. This took me a good while longer to get through than the first two – perhaps it didn’t flow quite so well, but I think it’s probably more the fact that the storyline didn’t interest me so much. Nevertheless, I finished it and enjoyed it and it got me thinking things over afterwards, which is a good sign. I could go on at length about the ‘themes’ and ‘symbolic references’ throughout the novel, but that’s not why we read a book, is it? I’d be interested to know what others think of this one – I didn’t feel very much empathy for any of the characters.. (Trespass)

There we go – three books, all of them worth a read. Now I have to get back to testing lipsticks and other extremely important activities!

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