Sequins and Lashes in Ibiza…

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Two fashion posts in one week – what a treat! This is actually half-fashion-half-beauty, because although I talk you through my rather sparkly daytime Ibiza outfit, I also reveal a new mascara product that, for quite a number of people, will be very exciting. Max Factor’s Lashfinity 3 Day Mascara is a tint that will stay on the lashes for 3 days (aptly named, then!) and I was in Ibiza to test it out. I made the rookie error, though. I used my strongest oily cleanser to wash my face on day two, when I was really (tipsy) tired, and so I need to give it another test run. What I will say is that at the end of day two it was still looking very fresh – remarkable, really, when I think that I had done beach, dinner, eye-rubbing, cocktail-drinking, heavy sleeping and lots of other lash-stressing things.

I’ll give you an update nearer to the time that the mascara launches – it will be out in about four weeks and will cost £18.99. In the meantime, back to my Ibiza outfit – you’ll have to watch the video to find out what I’m wearing! Email readers, please click here for that. If you want to see my evening outfit then that was in yesterday’s post – nice Diane von Furstenberg top, if I may say so myself. I’m very pleased with it!

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