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TK Maxx* have just launched a new campaign called “Do Your Thing” and I went to the Charing Cross Road branch in London to do just that. My thing. Which is, if you hadn’t noticed before, shopping. I was finding four outfits for different budgets that covered four of the key spring summer trends; I picked monochrome, floral, sixties and nautical. (Nautical is the trend that just keeps on giving, is it not? When has it ever been out of fashion? Sailor stripes and navy and white are just such a classic!) If you watch my little video you can get an idea of how I shop when I go to TK Maxx – enthusiastically and with lots of things draped upon my person. It’s quite a dangerous way to shop, especially if you forget to take things off before leaving the store. My friend once got to the door of TK Maxx and realised that she had about thirty dresses attached to the handles of the baby buggy….

Favourite outfit of the four? I think, though it’s almost a toss-up between this and the nautical, I’ll have to go with the sixties one. The dress is insane! Quite heavy with the beading and fits like a glove. £29.99! The nude peeptoe shoes were £39.99 instead of £100 and the sunglasses were £19.99 instead of £120! How I love a bargain. I bought the stripy hat – it was £7.99. I’ve hardly taken it off – I answered the door to my postlady and she thought that I was bonkers!

Right. On with the video. A rare glimpse of the Greater Spotted Shopper in her natural habitat, as I so wittily start my voiceover. Oh, and a chance to see my new haircut, though it had been battered around a bit by then, it wasn’t freshly coiffed. I actually prefer it messier, though – coiffed at mid-length is a little old-fashioned, I think. Click here to see the video if you’re reading via email!

*This post is sponsored as part of TK Maxx’s new campaign

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