silkperfectI have been sleeping on a silk pillowcase since the summer. You may remember me getting my silk pillowcase and making an embarrassing film. If you can’t remember, then look here.

I can honestly say that sleeping on a silk pillowcase has made a visible difference to my appearance in the morning. It keeps my hair smooth, stops creases from forming on my face and also, strangely, keeps my head cool!  Now I have no idea about the mechanics of the whole thing, but I do know that 100% pure silk will let your skin breathe and stop your skin from drying out. If you sleep on a silk pillowcase for a few nights and then switch back to cotton, it feels incredibly rough all of a sudden!

Last week, I swapped to a new pillowcase, the SilkPerfect. Not because I was at all unhappy or dissatisfied with my previous pillowcase, but because I will take any opportunity to test out something new. I like to know what’s out there and to be fully informed of my options! So, the SilkPerfect. It is, apparently, one of the thickest silk pillowcase on the market and it certainly feels much thicker and plusher than my previous version. It also has a non-slip back which helps to stop the pillow from sliding about all over the place, which is actually a very useful little feature indeed. It is made from unbleached, natural silk and you can wash it in the washing machine on the delicate/silk cycle.

I can’t really do a comparison on the two brands of pillowcase because ultimately they both do the same thing, but I will say this: at the moment, SilkPerfect have a ‘buy one get one free’ offer on – and the pillowcases are only £20 to start with! £10 for a pure silk pillowcase is incredible value – you can pay up to about £35-£40. I highly recommend investing; it’s a simple, no-effort anti-ageing measure that will keep on giving, year after year!

SilkPerfect “Pur” costs £20 for two, while stocks last. You can buy online from, and they deliver worldwide.

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