Silkskin Pillowcase – Goodnight Wrinkles!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I like this pillowcase. I say pillowcase, but really it’s so much more. It’s a one-step beautifying trick that requires absolutely no effort – just put your head on it, and sleep. Ah, if only all incredible beauty tricks were that simple!

I had been curious about Silkskin for quite a while; a pillowcase that stops creases from forming on your face overnight (my face usually looks like a map of the Scottish Highlands in the morning) and stops your hair from going completely and utterly mental. I say I had been curious, but I had never been ‘chomping at the bit’ – it was one of those beauty ‘ideas’ that I had heard of, but wasn’t entirely convinced by.

Boy, if I had known then what I know now, I would have snapped one of these pillowcases up in a flash! I have been waking up after using my Silkskin (and this is no exaggeration) with my skin and hair looking pretty much identical to how it was when I went to sleep. No hair frizz, and no creases!

I don’t know how the Silkskin works (something to do with the silk, one presumes!) I just know that it does. Absolutely. And that is a rare thing these days – a beauty product that gives amazing results time after time – with only one, singular investment. Not only is it brilliant because you have to buy it only once (no product ‘refills’ or treatment ‘maintenance sessions’ needed here!) it actually helps your existing beauty products to work better too! Night creams don’t rub off onto the pillow, and the silk prevents skin from drying out, meaning that you need less product all round.

I wish that I had tried this earlier – the incredible anti-ageing product that simply requires you to rest your head! Bliss. Take a look at my video for real life footage of my uncreased morning face!

Silkskin, £35, is stocked by  major retailers such as ASOS, Harvey Nichols and  House of Fraser.

UPDATE: I mention in my video that I wish Silkskin made the pillowcases in every colour! The reason that they’re only available in white is because there’s no dye in them. Silkskin is the most pure and natural product, and adding dye would dry the skin and hair out and cause sensitivity in some skins. So there you go!

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