Simply the best Nude Shoes: LK Bennett Idina.

I have problems with high heels. Which is unfortunate, considering that I’m a fashion model. I simply cannot walk (at all!) in heels that are too high, and sometimes on fashion shoots you can see me hobbling onto set, propped up on both sides by the makeup artist, assistant, caterer and random passers-by who have been called in from the street to help the crazily lurching model from breaking her neck.

I have friends who wear heel heights that I could never even dream of wearing – shoes that force the foot into an almost vertical position. I have tried these shoes in the past, even spending vast amounts of money on shoes that I could stand up in when I tried them on, but couldn’t take a step in. I have practised walking up and down my hall and landing in ridiculous shoes, I have been pressganged into wearing them on the catwalk, yet I still haven’t mastered the art.

It’s my ankles, see. My ankles and my foot bones. The minute I don a pair of shoes that break through my do-able height barrier, all of my bones and joints from the knees downwards conspire against me and refuse to work. I get weird cramps, shooting pains, the lot. The worst part is that I frequently ‘go over’ on my ankles – something that I thought only happened to people over the age of seventy, but apparently not. ‘Going over’ on your ankles is one of the more embarrassing things to happen in public isn’t it? You’re sashaying along in your huge heels, trying to keep it all together and then BAM!

LK Bennett’s Idina shoes are the highest shoes that I can wear properly. By properly, I mean that I can cross a room in them comfortably without ‘going over’. I can walk from taxi to bar, from bar to restaurant and from restaurant to taxi. I can move at a fast walking pace without breaking my neck. I can stand in them for more than ten minutes without feeling as though I need to stick my feet in the ice bucket. And they’re such a flattering shape – just about as high and sexy as you can get without disabling yourself.

I wore these shoes when I was presenting the fashion shows at Birmingham Style Live and they were just perfect – they looked sexy, they made my legs look longer and more toned, yet they didn’t make me feel nervous about striding out onto a stage in front of an audience. Nude patent shoes are a great trick anyhow – they really elongate your legs and look great with just about anything. Seriously. That’s why I own about four pairs of nude courts, but these are by far my favourite – and most frequently worn. The patent leather is superb, the shade of nude is spot-on – not too pinky, not too grey, and the peeptoe is a great detail. Definitely shoes to keep in mind when you’re buying outfits for the ‘wedding season’ or indeed if you yourself are getting married!

LK Bennett Idina, £155.

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