The Smart-Casual-Off-Duty-Spy Winter Coat…

hush eskimo black parka

Do you remember last year’s “best parka” video? I’m partial to a bit of a parka, me – I like the casual nature of them and the fact that if you wear them with a dress they make you look a bit dishevelled and cool, like Kate Moss on the cover of iD magazine.

One of the top parka picks for me was always the Hush one – they did it with a blue furry hood trim and then a fiery red one; the coat itself was the classic green and it had a proper, moddish parka cut at just the right length. I still get comments when I wear it now, and I wear it a lot!

But Hush have thrown a spanner into my “favourite winter coat” works by bringing out their Eskimo coat; slightly more modern in shape, what seems to be a fuller and fluffier hood trim and – rejoice, rejoice! – the option to buy it in black.

Yes black.

I love a casual coat in black. It makes me feel as though I should be one of those cool, outgoing people who goes skiing and wears sunglasses even in winter. It’s smart and sharp but at the same time off-duty casual. It’s the sort of coat I expect I’d wear if I was an amazing Mi5 agent, spying on arms dealers in the week but jazzing around in my armoured 4×4 at the weekend.

What on earth am I talking about? Someone put me back on track, I’ve derailed…


Anyway, the new Hush Eskimo Parka features heavily in my new Maternity Lookbook, below. It’s actually a little video I’ve put together for my baby blog, The Uphill, but quite a few of the items are non-maternity and so if you’re interested in having a nose then please be my guest. Hit the play button or click here to watch on Youtube.

You can find the gorgeous new Hush Eskimo Parka online here – it’s £170. I’m wearing it with a nursing tunic and over-the-knee suede boots. As you do. I have a small obsession with over-the-knee boots at the moment, post upcoming – these are from L.K. Bennett and utterly gorgeous – I think there’s a 25% Grazia code running at the moment, check their homepage here.

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