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In this week’s video I run through a few of my SPF recommendations. It’s all pretty self-explanatory if you watch it, but two things to remember: firstly, that you need to use generous amounts of suncare to get the stated level of protection. Recent guidelines say a teaspoon of product for head and neck, which you’ll see is quite a huge amount if you measure it out and look! I find it very difficult to use that much – it’s simply too much to absorb – but that may be because I have a pin-head. I just use my products as generously as possible and, if I’m out and about on holiday or on the beach then I reapply every hour and a half to two hours. (I actually rarely put my face in the sun these days. Big hat and sunnies are with me at all times when it’s hot!)

Second thing to remember: I’ve said this before but can’t really say it enough, please be careful if you’re using peels and glycolic treatments and anything that says “acid” in the ingredients. Most of them make the skin more sensitive to the sun – ironically, some products that help to get rid of dark spots (pigmentation) will actually give you more dark spots if you don’t make sure that you really protect your skin from the sun! That’s mainly why glycolic treatments and so on are to be applied at night and not at the beginning of the day. They can make the skin much more prone to sun damage and you should use a good SPF every single day. Nearly all of the brands that make these products stress this in the instructions, but how many people actually read instructions? I often only read them once I’ve finished the bottle and want to write a post! (Sshh.)

All of the recommendations are listed below – for the video, scroll down or click here if you’re on email.

Products Shown:

Kiehl’s Ultra Light SPF50:

Alpha-H Essential Moisturiser SPF50: (use code CULTAH for free delivery)

Lancome SPF50 GN Shield:

QMS MediCosmetics SPF50:

Bioderma Suncare:

Escentual for French pharmacy brands:



Shu Uemura UV Base:

Murad Mattifying SPF15:

No7 Tinted Moisturiser (Light Medium):

NARS Tinted Moisturiser in Light 2, Alaska:

Olay 7-in-1 Touch of Foundation:

More suggestions:

Dior Nude BB Cream, I use shade 2:

Dr Jart Water Fuse BB Cream:

Clarins BB Cream:

Boots Protect and Perfect:

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