Spa Review and Mini Giveaway: Les Sources de Caudalie

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Last month I visited the beautiful Caudalie spa in Bordeaux – Les Sources de Caudalie. It’s surrounded on all sides by gorgeous vineyards and looks for all the world like a little medieval hamlet – although it’s only just over ten years old, it has been built using reclaimed materials and it really does “blend” with the surroundings. It’s the type of idyllic place that could easily be described purely with clichés; it “nestles” in the vineyards, the views from the windows are “breathtaking”, the guest rooms are “rustic yet stylish” and have that “cosy home-from-home feel”. (I can think of many more of these clichés, let me tell you – I used to be obsessed with becoming a travel agent when I was little! As well as a doctor, a nurse, a film star and a My Little Pony.)

But I’ll stop with the empty clichés because Les Sources de Caudalie is far too brilliant for them. The designers should be applauded; they’ve managed to keep a friendly, country-house feel whilst providing the best facilities. Michelin-starred dining, an all-singing-all-dancing spa, a Chateau across the way that produces incredible wine..

I hope that I’ve captured the essence of the spa and hotel in my little video below – it was a beautiful day and I just couldn’t resist wandering into the vines for a bit of filming! I had to really resist picking some grapes and eating them – apparently they have guards in watchtowers who make sure that people keep their greedy fingers off the vines. They are authorised to shoot on sight. (Joke.)

You can find out more about the Caudalie Spa in Bordeaux on their website here.

See below the video pane for my little Caudalie giveaway!

I have five gorgeous gift boxes of Caudalie VineExpert products to giveaway – each contains samples of some of the hero products in the range.

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