Space NK “25 Days of Beauty” Offer…

Space NK "25 Days of Beauty"

The beauty retailers seem to be in some sort of crazy pre-Christmas bid to outdo each other when it comes to giving away piles of luxury miniatures or bundling them up into attractive advent calendars. The Liberty calendar, the Harvey Nics GWP, discount codes galore – it’s like a giant beauty race!

Space NK "25 Days of Beauty"

Not one that I particularly wanted to get caught up in, post-wise, but I have never been able to resist discounts and free things (every time I go to the GAP website they have a 30% off code and I end up buying more baby stuff) – and the latest offer from Space NK is actually slightly different…

Space NK "25 Days of Beauty"

It’s a beauty advent calendar – the 25 Days of Beauty  but it’s also a gift-with-purchase. Before I start harping on about the value of this impossibly tiny tube of luxury face cream or that miniature vial of precious oil, I’ll tell you that behind door number one (or more accurately, inside box number one) there’s a gift card with fifty quid on it. The spend to get the gift, which has a touted value of over £380, is £250, but I suppose that if you were doing your epic Christmas shop anyway, you would, in effect, be getting 20% off. Or at least a 20% bonus.

frog prince cream blusher

But if you’re a proper beauty junkie then lots of the bits and pieces inside the beautiful box will definitely get your heart beating faster – a Frog Prince cream blusher from Lipstick Queen (it’s green. GREEN!), a cute mini Laguna bronzer from NARS, the intriguing Rapid Glow Liquid Milk from Wei, and Sunday Riley’s now-heroic Luna Oil.

Space NK "25 Days of Beauty"

There’s the obligatory mini Diptyque Baies candle (some of you must be building up quite the collection of these) as well as a StriVectin eye cream that I’m dying to try, a Chantecaille mascara, a Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer and a 15ml pot of 111Skin’s Space Anti-Age Day Cream, which retails at £150 for the 50ml version.

Space NK "25 Days of Beauty"

So, if you are doing a big Christmas stock-up (my friend does a mammoth one at Space NK every November, buying gifts for her incredibly lucky staff!) then now is the time to do it. £50 back (you need to use the gift card by the 24th December) and then a walloping pile of beauty goodies. You can find a full listing of each product in the gift by clicking here – sizes are included.

Use the code BEAUTY25 on the shopping page to claim the gift – it’s UK only, so far as I know…

Shop at Space NK….

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