SPC Decadent Rose Moisturiser

I don’t know whether or not you’ve noticed this yet, but I love cosmetics made with Rose. Love. I don’t know whether or not the scent triggers off early memories for me or something, but I just adore the smell. And it’s not just the scent that gets me; it’s the effect that rose has on my skin! It feels totally luxurious if you have dull or dry skin, and really helps to calm and soothe irritated or stressed skin. It’s no coincidence that so many top must-have products are rose-based (I’m going to be doing a ‘Rose’ themed video soon!) – depending on the product, it can repair, tone, rejuvenate, protect and soften.

The flip-side of using rose-based products, for me, is that sometimes they can be a little too rich and overpowering for my skin, leaving it oily – or, at the very least, not helping to balance the oiliness. It’s terrible, but there have been rose products that I’ve carried on using knowing full well that they’ve made my oily skin worse- just because I love the smell and the ritual of massaging them in! No longer: those products have been banished to the ‘holiday parched skin’ drawer, because I have found a slightly lighter cream made by SPC that suits my skin perfectly!

SPC products were inspired by SPA SPC at Stoke Park, they are totally luxurious and allow you to recreate the ‘spa experience’ at home. The Decadent Rose Moisturiser really does feel quite special; the texture is light, but the moisturiser massages in beautifully, leaving the skin ever so slightly scented. Nothing is ‘overblown’ about this cream – the glass jar is heavy but simple, the cream smells of the rosewater it contains, but isn’t ‘perfumed’. It’s decadent, but in terms of its ingredients and performance, not in its ‘dressing’.

The Decadent Rose Moisturiser has 99% natural ingredients, including the antioxidants pomegranate and rosewater, and it contains sweet almond oil to guard against dehydration. My mum swears by sweet almond oil, and she looks about twelve. So it must be good.

In summary, this is good for: dry, stressed, tired skin that requires hydration, TLC and a little bit of glow. Soothing enough to use on very demanding skin! A real ‘treat’ – something that you can display on the dressing table and look forward to using! Not so good for: very oily skin. Although this cream absorbs quickly, it does contain oils that may be a little too much for you if you’re prone to greasiness and breakouts! If you have combination skin, or are only prone to oiliness once a month (see yesterday’s post and video!) then use sparingly, at the right time, in the right places!

SPC Decadent Rose Moisturiser is £45 from SPC or Boots.

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