The Cube of Great Frustration and Eventual Delight…

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Hooray and Hurrah for the Cube of Great Frustration and Eventual Delight has landed at The Body Shop online. I featured this springtime eye quad earlier on in the week – it has the most bizarre little boxing set-up that I have ever seen! Four little plastic cubes, each with a little lid that has to be prised off with your manicure, housed in a bigger plastic box with an almost-as-annoying lid. Apparently, this arrangement is to cater for people who may want to take only one shadow out with them, and to that I say this: why would you want to carry a cube of shadow around with you? It’s not the most convenient shape to handle and if you have clumsy hands, you may as well put your eyeshadow on wearing boxing gloves, just for the additional laugh.

However, pass through the trying times of frustration and you reach the most beautiful shades for spring – no pastel nonsense here, just proper, sexy, slightly shimmery shadows. Two light and goldy, one very red and a deeper chocolate brown for accenting. Read the previous makeup post here if you want a more in-depth description and a video demo – but for those who were just hanging on in until it arrived on the virtual shelves, now is your time.

Don’t be put off by my annoyance with the packaging – it’s true that I would love this shadow set to be in a simple, flip-open palette with a mirror, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that these eye colours are a joy to use. The reddish toned one (which for me is the jewel in the crown) won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I have become quite habitual about sweeping it over my lids as a last-minute pep-up before I leave the house. Note that you will want your makeup base to be pretty perfect for this; flawless foundation and your dark undereye circles disguised, otherwise you just have reddish eyes and sallow skin. But again, click back to see my little video tutorial if you want to see how I put my look together.

The Shimmer Cubes (shade 30) cost £16, but The Body Shop online has some kind of discount code running almost permanently, so check to see what the deal is on the homepage before you buy. At the time of publishing, there’s 40% off if you buy four products and 30% off if you buy 2 items, so if you are in need of a couple of other bits and bobs it could work out rather well.

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